Author Don Helin


LONG WALK HOMESecret Assault
The fourth Zack Kelly thriller

To Colonel Zack Kelly, a trip to New York City is more than an opportunity to bond with his daughter, Laura. It’s a chance to find out once and for all what happened to his father, an NYPD cop shot down and killed by drug dealers, then branded a dirty cop some thirty years before.

Someone doesn’t want Zack to learn the truth of his father’s past. When he arrives to talk to one of his father’s partners, he finds the man assaulted and on the floor of his apartment. Another partner is gunned down after meeting with Zack.

Zack suspects the corruption his father was investigating may reach as high as the New York City Police Commissioner. Or maybe even higher?

Zack’s long-time friend, Shelia O'Donnell, is visiting New York from her home in Ireland. Shelia accompanies Zack to see the leader of the New York organized crime family, who may be able to provide information about his father. But can he trust a “Godfather”?

Laura Kelly is caught up in an hijacking aboard the Staten Island Ferry. Meanwhile Zack’s partner, Lieutenant Colonel Rene Garcia, uncovers a plot by a group of ex-military called the Forgotten Warriors to take over the Alamo in San Antonio.

Zack suspects these two events are connected and to find the solution, he’ll have to take the longest walk of his life. And it may not even lead him home.

Headline Books, paperback, October 2012, ISBN: 978-0-938467-55-7

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LONG WALK HOME won Runner-up for General Fiction at the 2018 Southeast Book Festival!

"LONG WALK HOME is a bruising and blistering thriller, coolly reminiscent of Nelson DeMille at his best. Don Helin's emotionally-wrought, angst-riddled, morality play is ever true to its title, making it a wondrous and tortuous tale of one man's descent to hell and heroic climb out of it. A mystery of rare depth, pathos, and conviction."
timely as it is terrific.”
—JON LAND, USA Today bestselling author of Strong to the Bone

"If you like thrillers with plenty of action, a strong cast of good and bad guys, corruption, and mayhem, you'll love LONG WALK HOME. Don Helin will put you on an adrenaline ride of action and suspense.”
—JOSEPH BADAL, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Sins of the Fathers

"Fasten your safety belt! Don Helin delivers a gripping, masterful thriller that unfolds at breakneck speed. From haunting memories of Afghanistan to terrorist attacks at the Statue of Liberty and the Alamo, to a 30-year murder mystery, there's no stopping LONG WALK HOME. Take it all the way to its heart-thumping climax!”
—GARY GROSSMAN, Bestselling author of Executive Actions and Old Earth